Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Management consulting by Synergy Group includes following components:

  • Diagnostics. Estimation of situation in the company.

The result of the organizational diagnosis is to identify the key reasons of internal and external problems and determination of ways of their elimination.

  • Creation of The Vision, Mission and The System of Strategic Goals.

The result of this activity is a clear understanding by the owners and TOP-managers the direction of the company development, understanding and sharing the values and the harmonized system of Strategic Goals. One of the instruments of the development of such project is to conduct the Strategic Session.

  • Optimization of the management system.

The result of development of this system is optimal balance between responsibilities and authorities in the organization.

  • Optimization and formalization of the business-process.

The result of the work on optimization and formalization of business processes will be the identification of unproductive (not affecting the achievement of the final target) processes. Identification of «white spots» in the chain of value creation, i.e. the absence of necessary business processes and people responsible for them.

  • Restructuring and optimization of organizational structure.

Is a logical continuation of formalization and optimization of business-processes. The result of this optimization becomes optimal distribution of functional load on the personnel, the correspondence of the level of the tasks performed competence of the performers in the organization.

  • Managing change in organization.

This service is necessary for the companies that made the decision on transition to qualitatively new level of business.

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